“Any of us, whatever our temperament makeup, can be effective leaders, provided that we come to understand our own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of our followers, and provided that we show our appreciation whenever we note our followers contributing their intelligence to our mutual enterprise.” -- David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II


The following is a complete listing of contents of the RTP APT Library. These items are available for borrowing at events, and between events by contacting Mary Charles Blakebrough by e-mail or phone at 919-493-5424 to arrange pick-up.

Using the MBTI in Organizations: A Resource Book. S. Hirsh
Workshop leader’s kit with reproducible masters.
Team Building. S. Hirsh
Workshop leader’s kit with reproducible masters.
Diversity and Expression of Type
National Conference (July, 1995; Kansas City)
22 audio cassette tapes & duplicates (May borrow individual cassette, or entire
03 The Archetypal Journal (Compared in the I Ching/Tarot/Exodus) (Wussler)
06 The Relationship Between MBTI Management Types and Their Preferred Decision-Making
Model (Lewis)
9A Type in Practical Influencing, Consulting, Teamwork, Managing, Selling, Living
Effectively with Others (Brock)
9B (Continued)
12 Using Diversity to Teach Diversity: 23 ½ Different Ways to Introduce the MBTI
Preferences (Dutton, Abella)
14 A Typological View of Hamlet (George)
19 What Would Jung Say About the MBTI…and Does It Really Matter? (Spoto)
22 The Power of Type for Empowering Performance (McCarter)
26 Observing Type Accurately: Obstacles and Strategies (Bayne)
29A Creativity and the MBTI (Segal)
29B (Continued)
35 Personal and Transpersonal Points on a Typological Compass (Fitzgerald)
37 Management Needs of the Four Styles (McCarter)
44A Conceptualization of God, Spiritual Quests, and Self Actualization (Panel
44B (Continued)
49 Making Sense and Making Meaning: The Inferior Function in Divorce Recovery (Warren,
50 Laughing Matters: Type, Temperament, and Humor in the Workplace (K. Smith, J. Smith)
64 Survival Games Personalities Play (Deluna)
69 Type and Couples Satisfaction: (Part II Only) (Marioles, Hammer)
70 The War Within: Male-Female Issues of SJ and SP and Dominant/Auxiliary (Kroeger)
72 Managing Creativity in Organizations Using Temperament Theory and the Blanchard
Situational Leadership Model (Prendergast)
73 Gods & Goddesses in Everyperson: Archetypes, Psychological Types and the Quest
for Meaning (Bolen)
APT XII 1997 International Conference
National Conference (July, 1997; Boston)
13 audio cassette tapes & duplicates (May borrow individual cassette, or entire
Few Feelers or a Flawed Scale?: Why are there so few F’s in Latin America? (Dodson
An Artisan in Your Midst (Blanchard)
Storytelling, Field Trips and the MBTI (Clarke-Epstein)
Discovering the Self: The Jungian Path to Healing (Moore)
Mythology, Type, and High Performance (Schelling)
The Revised MBTI: New Items and Scoring (Hammer)
Does This Make Sense to a Sensor? Communicating More Effectively with Sensing Types
Coping, Adjusting, Accommodating, and Fostering the Development of Type Difference in
Families (Murphy)
Using Type in the College Classroom: Teaching Hanson and Associates Educational
Theories to Faculty Members (Rosser) (2 audio cassettes)
The Dialects of Successful Communication for Leaders (Brock) (2 audio cassettes)
Type & Creativity (Segal)
Videotape: Video Portraits of Leaders of Different MBTI Types:
Questions That Reveal Type Differences in Approaches to Leadership, CAPT
Psychological Type in Schools S VanSant and D. Payne
Workshop leader’s kit with reproducible masters.
Audio Cassettes: The Power of the Enneagrams: a new technology of self discovery.
Don Richard Riso
Book: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You (Pearman and Albritton, 1996)
Book: Jung’s Function-Attitudes Explained (Thompson, Henry L., 1996)
The Communication Wheel: A Resource Book (Thompson, Henry L.)
Workshop Leader’s Book, with Transparencies
Book: Hard-Wired Leadership Roger Pearman
MOM’s Handbook Janet Penley & Diane Stephens
The Developing Child Elizabeth Murphy

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