“My recognition of the need to look at shadow starts with a painfulness, a stoppage, an absence of the sense of well-being, and an agitation from within to feel okay again.” -- John Beebe, Integrity in Depth

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Angels and Demons: Balancing the Opposing Functions Through Writing

Book by Ann Loomis

Ann Loomis' book

Presented by Ann Loomis and Walter Smith

Tuesday, May 5

Reception 6:30 -7 p.m.;  program 7-9 p.m.

Venue:  Binkley Baptist Church, Chapel Hill

To register:

APT-RTP members: free – but please register here
Non-members register here:  $20
Annual membership plus program:  $40 ($20 savings)

Please register before May 2.

Program Description.

By demonstrating how their own opposing functions influence their writing the presenters will help attendees to:

  • Understand Jung’s concepts of individuation and archetypal forces
  • Design their individual Type dynamics chart and use it in writing exercises
  • Bring less conscious functions into the light so that these functions become angels (messengers) rather than demons (fears)
  • Identify which functions come naturally in their writing and which are more difficult
  • Explore how the shadow functions can help further the individuation process
  • Improve their writing style by working with the opposing functions

Ann and Walter are presenting this workshop at the APT International Conference in Dallas, TX in August, 2009. This is an opportunity for you to preview this workshops and help the presenters refine their presentation.

About the Presenters.

Ann Loomis is a writing instructor and author of Write From the Start: Discovering Your Writing Potential Through the Power of Psychological Type (CAPT, 1999). She has taught in universities, community colleges, and the business community.       Walter Smith is a Presbyterian pastor with over twenty years of type experience in committee work, counseling, and pre-marital preparation. His book, Learning to Forgive: A Memoir of Doubt and Faith, will be published later this year by Wipf and Stock.

Do you know your type?.

If you haven’t taken the MBTI® instrument and are interested in doing so, click here.

March 21st, 2009

The Mysterious 8th Function – the part of ourselves we’ve never fully explored

3-part webinar presented by Type Resources.

May 21 & 28, June 4 (Thursdays)

from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

You know your preferred functions – your dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior . . . but what about your deepest, least-conscious mental process?  Learn how your 8th function can be a source of great creativity in this interactive webinar from ArcheTypeResources, a subsidiary of Type Resources, Inc.  No prior experience or knowledge of the eight-function model is necessary.

Cost:  $134  for APT chapter members (10% discount)

  • Must register by Friday, May 15, to receive discount (coupon code for discount: 10RTP8th)
  • Cost for non-members: $149
  • Register at Type Resources

Where is the webinar? At your computer (log-on instructions to be sent at registration).

What if I can’t make all 3 sessions? No problem – you will have access to the recording and online material so you can make up a missed session at your convenience.

Which function is my 8th? Switch the attitude of your 4th or inferior function to determine your 8th function.  Example: ENFP – 4th function = Introverted Sensing (Si); 8th function = Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Facilitators: Bob McAlpine, Carol Shumate (APT-RTP Board), Amy Evers

For more information go to ArcheTypeResources, the source of educational tools on the 8-Function Model of Personality Type of Jungian Analyst,  John Beebe, M.D.

May 5th, 2009

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