Navigation Buttons Type Links - Type Training Organizations and Resources Our parent organization. Information on type, conferences, and training programs Center for Applications of Psychological Type: information on books, training, and research CPP publishes the Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorŪ (MBTIŪ) and other assessments and books David Keirsey: on-line assessment - Keirsey Sorter - information on temperament Roger Pearman, founder: MBTI qualifying programs with both online and classroom components as well as three months of post-class support; other assessments; online bookstore The first online marketplace for professional users of personality type Steve Myers: the use of the MBTI in team building and links to other team sites training programs, books, and other resources Temperament Research Institute: training, consulting, research, and resources
High Performing Systems. Dick Thompson, founder: Training programs, training materials, and other resources including "The Communication Wheel." Contains links to other interesting sites. The Leadership Dimension: resources for both type and temperament

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