“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. --Carl Jung”

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The Therapist’s Journey to Hogwarts, Oz and Wonderland

The Therapist’s Journey to Hogwarts, Oz and Wonderland

Presented by:

Gary Williams

Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC)

APTi Psychotherapy and Counseling Interest Area Coordinator

Chair of the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling

Friday, August 10, 2012

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

6 pm – Dinner & Networking, 6:45 – Program

American Underground Classroom

American Tobacco Campus

Cost: $15.00 per person (member rate)

Cost: $20.00 per person for non-members

Members may bring guests at the membership rate

(Bring a dish to share, beverages and workshop materials provided.)

Special opportunity

All the way from Alabama!  We are so pleased that our guest presenter offered to make our chapter meeting part of his business trip to NC.  This ENTP is eager to share his unique approach, expertise, and his love of type.


The Hero’s Journey is the template upon which all of the world’s great stories, movies, and myths are based. Participants will learn how to utilize the elements of the Hero’s Journey and an overlay template, The Client’s Journey which is a far more therapeutic lens, to motivate, inspire, and facilitate change for their clients and themselves. Using these stories and the lens of Jungian personality type as a framework, the session will conclude with an opportunity for participants to apply the Hero’s Journey metaphor to their own lives and professional practice.  This program is for therapists, life coaches, school counselors, HR professionals and anyone interested in facilitating growth, positive change, and understanding the universal challenges we ALL encounter in our Journeys. This workshop, with real-life stories, lively visuals from famous movies, and group exercises, makes theory come alive!

Goals for this program:

  • Recognize the stages of the Hero’s Journey and relate them to their own lives
  • Understand and utilize the “mirrored” stages of the “Client’s Journey” which is a similar, but a more therapeutic overlay.
  • Teach the Hero’s Journey to clients quickly and effectively
  • Utilize interventions, that I will supply and teach to move clients from the metaphorical concept to real life application
  • Apply the Hero’s Journey to facilitate their own and their clients’ growth
  • Appreciate the relationship between the Hero’s Journey, Individuation and Personality Type Development


Gary is a Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC) and is the sole proprietor of Counseling & Consulting Professionals, a private counseling and consulting practice in Birmingham, Alabama.  He offers clinical counseling for individuals, couples and families, and delivers team building, leadership development, training, and employee retention services for organizations. Gary currently serves as the APTi Psychotherapy and Counseling Interest Area Coordinator and he is Chair of the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling. He is Past-President of the Alabama Mental Health Counselor Association and Past-President of the Alabama chapter of APTi.  He is a Licensed Supervising Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, National Certified Counselor and MBTI® Master Practitioner. Gary completed his MA in Rehabilitation Counseling in 1997 and his Ed.S. in Agency Counseling in 2001, both at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Gary was honored as the 2009 Mental Health Counselor of the Year by the American Mental Health Counselor’s Association.


NEW MEETING LOCATION  –  Directions to American Underground meeting room

Watch for posted APT ribbons marking the path to the meeting room.  On foot, exit the South Parking Garage in the NE corner via the steps or the elevator, Level C.  The meeting is in the Strickland Building on the other side of the water feature (take the brick stairway or follow the ramp in front of Tyler’s Tap Room to the bridge over the water feature).  We have been asked to use the farthest entrance, adjacent to the giant water tower and next to the Cuban Revolution restaurant.  Once you enter the Strickland Building, on the left there is a staircase to the lower level marked American Underground, take the stairway or the elevator straight ahead.  There is a security desk in the lobby if you require assistance.  On the lower level pass the glass conference room and continue past the computer offices to the middle of the hallway.  On the left you will see a break room and on the right will be Classroom 1, our destination.  The area is heavily patrolled and quite safe, particularly on game nights.  Accessibility without stairs:  elevators and ramps are readily available from the parking garage to the meeting room.

Link to Printable American Tobacco Campus Map


Driving Directions to American Tobacco South Parking Garage – No Parking Pass Needed This Time!

The Durham Bulls are out of town, and our program starts two hours before the DPAC show so we do not require parking passes and parking in South Deck is always FREE.

From I-85 (US 70):
Exit Downtown Durham (Mangum Street). Continue on Mangum through downtown, 2 miles. Follow parking signs to ballpark. The South Deck is just past the Stadium on the corner of Willard/Jackie Robinson and Carr Streets.

From I-40:
Take I-40 West to the Durham Freeway-147 (Exit 279B) to the Mangum/Roxboro Street Exit (Exit 12B). Keep straight up the hill for about 2 blocks (Willard St./Jackie Robinson) Ballpark Stadium is on the right. South Parking Deck just past Stadium on right. Corner of Willard/Jackie Robinson and Carr.

From 15-501 North Bypass:
Exit Durham Freeway South-147. Exit Mangum/Roxboro Street (12). Cross Mangum Street. Go Left on Roxboro. Follow signs for Durham Freeway North (stay to right). Cross Mangum Street again. Ballpark is on the right. You will see the South Parking Deck on the corner of Willard/Jackie Robinson and Carr Streets.

From I-540:
Take I-540 south to the I-40 exit. Take I-40 West until you reach the Durham Freeway-147 (Exit 279B) to the Mangum/Roxboro Street Exit (Exit 12B). Keep straight up the hill for about 2 blocks (Willard St./Jackie Robinson) Ballpark Stadium is on the right and just past the Stadium is the South Parking Deck on the corner of Willard/Jackie Robinson and Carr Streets.



July 27th, 2012

Carol Shumate

Carol Shumate, Ph.D., is a co-founder of WriteStyles.com, providing custom communications and training.  She is currently affiliated with Type Resources, working on the design and marketing of new type tools and trainings.  She uses type in training and coaching, to differentiate instruction for multiple learning styles, and in marketing, to produce persuasive documents for academic and government institutions. She has trained K-12 school staffs in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, and has developed publications for the U.S. Department of State, the State of Connecticut, the State of North Carolina, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She served as Marketing Director on the Board of APT International, 2006-2007, and also as Interest Area Consultant (IAC) for Education 2004-2005.  She currently serves on the Board of the Research Triangle Chapter of APT.

September 24th, 2009

Carol Linden

Carol Linden is a certified coach and MBTI® Master Practitioner.  She specializes in coaching managers and teams to higher levels of performance through applications of psychological type, temperament, emotional intelligence, and effective team behaviors.  Carol also conducts advanced workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, communications, and the type mix of a specific team. She was a performance development consultant at a global software company and had 15+ years of prior experience in writing, leading cross-functional teams, and managing a documentation department.

Carol is also certified in FIRO Element B and the EQi (by Henry L. Thompson), in SpeedReading People (by Paul Tieger), and in the Interstrength Method (by Linda V. Berens).  In addition, she holds certifications in Organizational Development and in Business Coaching from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.   In 2007, Carol chaired the APT International Conference in Baltimore.  She has held numerous board positions in her local chapter APT/RTP.   In 2009, she presented the “Type in the Land of Technology” program as a breakout session on teaching type to the challenging audience at a high tech company.

September 24th, 2009

APT International Conference in Dallas

You are invited to join fellow practitioners and type scholars from all over the world at the XVIII Biennial APTi Conference in Dallas, Texas, August 5-9, 2009.

For more information click here.


June 2nd, 2009

Special Type Verification Offer

If you do not know your MBTI® type, you can take the Indicator by mail prior to this program with one of our qualified type practitioners for the discounted cost of $40 (typically $100 to $200). In addition to the Indicator, you will receive a personal phone consultation providing an interpretation of your type preferences and profile, and an introduction to the theory and practice of personality type. Contact Walter Smith by email or 434-384-7906 if interested.

January 12th, 2009

Directions to SAS

Arrival Time

Please plan to arrive at the SAS campus between 8:30 – 8:45 a.m. Allow about 10 minutes to get from the guard gate to the workshop location. The workshop will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.


From I-40 EAST:

1. From I-40 East, take the “Cary/Harrison Ave.” exit.
2. Turn RIGHT onto HARRISON Ave.
3. IMMEDIATELY, get into the far LEFT turn lane.
4. Turn LEFT at the 1st traffic light. (It comes up in only 1/2 block.)
5. Check in at the guard gate (see next page).

From I-40 WEST:

1. From I-40 West, take the “Cary/Harrison Ave.” exit.
2. Turn LEFT onto HARRISON Ave.
3. Cross the overpass, then get into the LEFT turn lane.
4. Turn LEFT at the 1st traffic light. (It comes up in only 1/2 block.)
5. Check in at the guard gate.


You are welcome to use one of the SAS cafeterias. It’s an easy walk from the class and the food is reasonably priced.


Suggested attire is business casual. The workshop will adjourn at 4 p.m.

January 12th, 2009

Walter R. Smith

Walter R. Smith, D.Min. (INFJ) is President of the Research Triangle Chapter of the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi). Walter is also President of Lifeweb Resources, a consulting company bringing the benefits of Type and Temperament to interpersonal relationships in the work place and at home. He is a Certified Practitioner in the MBTI®, a Temperament CertifiedTM Professional, and holds additional certifications in FIRO-B® and FIRO Element BTM, and The Communication WheelTM. In 2005 he received the Excellence in Chapter Leadership Award from APT. He is also a writer having just completed a memoir entitled Learning to Forgive: A Memoir of Doubt and Faith.

December 6th, 2008

Stephanie Rogers

Stephanie Rogers (ENFJ) has been a practitioner of type and
temperament for nineteen years. She studied with Linda Berens at the
Temperament Research Institute and served as faculty for the
Professional MBTI Qualifying Program offered by Type Resources from
1992-1996. In 1997 she started her own consulting practice,
PurposePoints. She consults with transitioning individuals in the areas
of identity and life purpose, and serves as an advocate for individuals
identifying with the Artisan temperament.

December 6th, 2008

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