“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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SpeedReading People™:The Power to Connect

Location SAS Institute100 SAS Campus DriveCary, NC 27513
(Complete directions with registration)
The System SpeedReading People™ is a system for training both type experts and type novices to recognize within a few minutes a person’s psychological type from among the sixteen types of the Myers-Briggs® type table – and all in one daylong workshop. In addition, the workshop trains participants in “Speed-reaching” the 16 types – developing rapport and communicating in the style best understood by the other person.
Description The trainer introduces the theory of psychological type and proceeds to describe the telltale signs in speech, body language, and appearance that characterize the types. Videos of individuals of different types are used to train participants and give them practice identifying the types. For a calendar year following the workshop, participants have access to valuable online tools on www.speedreadingpeople.com, including archived videos to further practice and develop their skills.
Clientele and History Developed by Paul Tieger, the SpeedReading People™ technology grew out of his years as a jury consultant. His book, The Art of SpeedReading People, was a bestseller last year, as was his previous book, Do What You Are. Although relatively new, the SpeedReading People™ system has many top corporations as clients, including Aetna Life Insurance, Texas Instruments, and United Technologies.
Trainer Carol Linden: Based in Hartford, CT, SpeedReading People™ in 2006 acquired a trainer located in North Carolina. Carol Linden has twenty-five years of experience in the high tech industry, with 6 years as a Leadership and Team Development Consultant at SAS Institute, delivering trainings and providing coaching in leadership, teamwork, and related skills with the framework of psychological type. An expert presenter with ENFP preferences, Carol chaired the Biannual Conference in 2007 of the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) headquartered in Bethesda, MD. Carol is also a past president of RTP/APT.
Space Limit 25: At the trainer’s request, no more than 25 can participate in this event. However, a waitlist will be formed to cover cancellations. In the event of a long waitlist, another training may be scheduled in fall, although the cost may be higher.
Cost The usual fee structure of the SpeedReading People™ training is $6,000 for the first 10 attendees ($600/person), or $9,000 if Paul Tieger is present, and after that, $400/person up to 120 attendees in multiple workshops. In other words, this workshop of 25 attendees would normally cost $12,000. At this early stage, SpeedReading People™ has not developed an educational discount fee, but it has agreed to allow the RTP Chapter of APT to offer the training this spring at the vastly discounted cost of $195/person for chapter members. The cost for non-members is $220 (non-members can join the chapter and get the program for only $230).
Registration Click here.For more information, please contact Walter Smith by email. To register click above.
Special Offer If you do not know your MBTI® type, you can take the Indicator by mail prior to this program with one of our qualified type practitioners for the discounted cost of $40 (typically $100 to $200). In addition to the Indicator, you will receive a personal phone consultation providing an interpretation of your type preferences and profile, and an introduction to the theory and practice of personality type. Contact Walter Smith by email or 434-384-7906 if interested.

April 22nd, 2008

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