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What we Learned from Dario Nardi on the Neuroscience of Personality

What we Learned from Dario Nardi on the

Neuroscience of Personality


Presented by:

Krista Babbitt and Carol Linden

(Candidates for Certification in the Neuroscience of Personality)


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Binkley Baptist Church

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Bring a dish to share; beverages provided

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Attendees of Dario Nardi’s “Neuroscience of Personality Certification Workshop” will present on what they learned about the brain and type.  In Dario’s words, “The neuroscience evidence suggests that type is meaningful and points to genuine variations in how we use our brains.”


Participants will learn more about:


  • How we use our neocortex (outer layer of the brain) according to our type, personal background, and experience.

  • Examples of what people who identify with the same type have in common and examples of how different life experiences change the cognitive skills we use.

  • What creates a state of flow for an individual.

  • Ways to build cognitive skills in areas of your non-preferred type preferences.

  • What is a brain map and what can it show us.

Krista Babbitt

Krista Lee Babbitt is currently a Manager of Operations in the Corporate Services Division at SAS, leading programs designed to grow the division’s capabilities in the areas of: communications, performance management, process improvement, team building and project management.  She has worked at SAS since 2000 filling various roles in staff and strategy development in Corporate Services and Human Resources.

Qualified in Myers-Briggs, Krista has lead workshops for over 20 years in corporate and private sector settings applying what she has learned from a host of local experts as well as presenters who visit the Triangle from other parts of the US.  These classes and workshops provided by, or coordinated through, the local Association of Psychological Type Research Triangle Chapter (APT-RTC) have been a rich resource for her development of type knowledge.  During this period of time she has served on the board of APT-RTC for several terms as president and program chair.

Krista has also been trained or holds certifications in a number of other areas including: Balanced Scorecard Methodology, Crucial Conversations, Employment Law, High Performance Teams, Interaction Management, Mediation, Meeting Facilitation, Situational Leadership II, Statistical Process Control, and Targeted Selection Interviewing.  She earned her BS in Forestry from Clemson University and her MA in Communication Studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Carol LindenCarol A. Linden of Effective With People, LLC, has spent 15+ years in the software industry, as a documentation manager, cross-functional team leader, and internal organization development consultant at a $2.15 billion global software company headquartered in North Carolina. Since 2004, she has trained over 1,000 clients in all in Psychological Type, Temperament, and Interaction Styles.  She also conducts type application workshops on topics such as managing, leading teams, conflict resolution, communications, the type mix of a specific team, interviewing, teaching type to technical audiences, and using type in OD interventions with teams.

Her clients include SAS, TribeSpring, Ipas, Genworth, as well as the University of Richmond, the MBA program at NCCU, Wake Technical College, and the Montessori School of Durham. See her website: www.effectivewithpeople.com.

Carol is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and author of The Job Seeker’s Guide for Introverts and Extraverts, Fall 2014. She was qualified in MBTI® in 2001 and is an MBTI Master Practitioner.  She is Certified in Coaching by CTI (CPCC), in FIRO Element B and the EQi (by Henry L. Thompson), in SpeedReading People (by Paul Tieger), and is currently pursuing certification in Linda V. Berens’ The CORE Approach. She also holds certificates in Organizational Development and in Business Coaching from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

In September 2014, Carol speaks to the NoVA chapter in D.C. In March 2014, Carol spoke to the BAAPT chapter in San Francisco. In July 2013, she was the “Type and Careers” symposium speaker at the APTI conference in Miami. She also spoke at the 2009 and 2011 conferences in Dallas and San Francisco and at APTI chapters in RTP, Dallas and San Diego. In 2010 and 2011, she published a series of 2 articles in the Bulletin of Psychological Type, “Type in the Land of Technology: Who Shows Up and What Works.”  In 2007, Carol chaired the APTi conference in Baltimore.  Currently the leader of the APTI Type and Coaching SIG, Carol has held board positions for the international virtual chapter and for the APT-RTP chapter in North Carolina. She does pro bono work weekly for CJS, the largest jobseekers group in the RTP area, NC.

What we Learned from Dario Nardi

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