“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -- George Santayana, The Life of Reason Vol. 1

MBTI® Step III™ Certification Training

Please Note: The program below is NOT a sponsored program of the Research Triangle area chapter of APTi (RTP/APT). It is sponsored by CAPT (Center for the Application of Psychological Type) in Gainesville, FL www.capt.org. RTP/APT is advertising this program as a courtesy to CAPT. Contact CAPT for additional information and/or to register (800-777-2278). Sondra Van Sant is also happy to answer questions: 919-414-4336.


Unique Local Opportunity for Counselors and Certified Coaches who use Type with individuals

MBTI® Step IIITM Certification Training in the Triangle October 15 and 16, 2014

 Trainer: Sondra VanSant, LPC

Marriott Courtyard in Chapel Hill Opportunity for significant cost reduction (see below)

14 NBCC, HRCI, and MBTI® Master Practitioner CE’s available

To Register: http://www.capt.org/. Click on Step III in left menu box. Also Sondra Van Sant is happy to answer questions: 919-414-4336.

The MBTI® Step III is a powerful new tool for those of you who use type in working with clients on an individual basis by evoking in-depth conversations about specific behaviors and attitudes related to your client’s goals. Step III goes beyond identifying your client’s type to measuring how effectively that person is using not only his or her type but all eight of Jung’s functions involved in perception and judgment. In the familiar MBTI format, the instrument uses forced-choice items from Steps I and II plus additional items related to behavioral and developmental scales. However, unlike Steps I and II, the Step III report does not report numerical scales, but rather produces an individualized report of statements that reflect type development in four areas of life:

  1. General sense of self in the world
  2. People and relationships
  3. Work and responsibility
  4. Problem-solving.

Statements help focus conversation quickly on both positive behaviors and attitudes currently exhibited by the client as well as possible blind spots and are worded to avoid defensive reactions. The client does not have to understand type for this discussion, though it is important that the professional have a strong understanding of type. For more information, to see a sample report, or to register, check the CAPT website <www.capt.org> and click on Step III in the left menu box. You may also contact Sondra VanSant at 919-414-4336 with questions.


Further value added:

  • Your own Step III report and discussion with a professional
  • Five Step III booklets and Reports at no additional cost for those completing certification
  • “5 for 5 Scholarships” — a $500 return toward the $795 tuition for using these five administrations with five people within five months of the training (an incentive offered for a limited time by Katharine Myers, co-guardian of all things MBTI, to encourage use of this new instrument)
  • Opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a powerful new instrument locally–no need to use costly transportation.

For more information and/ or to Register: http://www.capt.org/. Click on Step III in left menu box. Also Sondra Van Sant is happy to answer questions: 919-414-4336.



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